Thursday, September 15, 2005

How to Create Your Own Profitable Book---In One Hour!

by Joe Vitale and Jim Edwards

Many years ago I stunning blonde woman stopped me dead in my
tracks at a trade show in Chicago for publishers. She thought
I was a book reviewer, and she was dead set on getting all
living book reviewers to see her client's new book.

I was next in line. I'm glad I didn't run. ;-)

As it turned out, her client had put together a collection of
inspiring quotes. I don't recall his name or the book's title,
but I do vividly remember that woman and what she told me.

"We've sold 100,000 copies of the book so far," she announced
to me.

Now stop and think about this. What you are about to realize
can help you became a profitable author in as little as one
hour---or even less.

That woman's client was selling a book HE DIDN'T WRITE.

His book was a collection of quotes by other people. He may or
may not have tossed a quote by himself in their, too. The
point is, he put together an entire book by not writing a
single word himself. And yet he not only is considered "the
author" of the book, but his perky salesperson is out there
selling it like it's the next Harry Potter!

I just looked on Amazon and there are 539 "quote" books
listed. Pretty impressive for books that aren't so much
written as they are collected.

The point here is that you can create your own profitable book
in far less time than you think. You can write your own book
in less than seven days. You write a short book in an
afternoon. And you collect quotes on any theme you might
imagine and have it done tonight.

What are you waiting for?

Joe Vitale and Jim Edwards are the
authors of

"How to write and publish your own OUTRAGEOUSLY
Profitable eBook in as little as 7 days... even
if you can't write, can't type, and failed high
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©2001 Joe Vitale. All rights reserved.

Top Secret Information

Increase Sales By Flying Under
Your Prospects' "Radar Defenses"

- by Jim Edwards

(c) Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

How do you persuade someone to do what you want them to do?

A whole world of marketing exists around us trying to do
that every minute of the day. Do you even notice it anymore
or, like your prospects, have you subconsciously set up a
system of "radar defenses" against the daily bombardment of
marketing messages?

Take a minute and count up the advertising methods which
fight for your attention (and money) every day. Just the
basic list includes:

· Yellow page ads

· Newspaper and magazine ads

· Postcards, catalogs, and direct mail circulars in your
"snail mail" box

· Radio pitches interrupting the flow of your favorite songs

· TV ads - about 20 minutes worth per hour now

· Hundreds of storefronts, "mega" malls, and strip malls

· Highway billboards by the thousands

· Circulars hung on your doorknob

· Illegal signs on stop signs and telephone poles

· Legitimate email messages

· Spam email or UCE (unsolicited commercial email)

Just these 11 sources can overwhelm your brain with
marketing messages. Like trapped rats, people develop
defenses against this never-ending onslaught. They throw up
a wall or a "radar defense" that goes into action the minute
they smell a "pitch" or a sales job. Don't blame them. We
all do it!

So how can you get around this psychological wall against
the constant sales and marketing messages? Well, the answer
does NOT lie in hitting people with more frequent and
obnoxious advertising or sly, sneaky tactics. You might get
them to trust you for a minute, but it will backfire in the
long run.

You must do two things instead:

1. First, you must establish credibility for yourself and
your business as an expert.

2. Second, you must reduce their fears about doing business
with you.

Doing these two things will get you past their defenses and
allow you the opportunity to persuade them to buy your

So how do you accomplish these two "simple" things? What
will win someone's attention, raise your credibility, and
lower their fear factor all at the same time? The one-word
answer really applies to most everyone.


If a seller can get behind your defenses with information
which makes you trust them, then that credibility will carry
over into a sale much of the time.

How can you get this credibility?

Well, take this next fact as online marketing "gospel," for
many people have proven its effectiveness.

Fact: Publishing and promoting with free articles gives you
one of the most powerful opportunities available to tip the
buyer's credibility scale in your favor.

How can we prove this works? Quite easily actually. Take a
break from reading this and go check out a newspaper or
magazine for a minute.

Which do you trust more, the ads or the articles? Most
people will choose the articles hands down. Why? Because
the articles don't try to "sell" you anything. Instead, they
hand out useful information for educational or other
practical purposes.

Most of us grew up in a culture which says we can believe
and "trust" what appears in the standard "news" or
"information" format. In other words, if it appears in
print, then we can believe and trust the author.

So go ahead! Use this lifetime of conditioning to your
advantage in selling your products and services!

Very few things will create an atmosphere of trust and
confidence in people as reading one of your articles on a
subject that greatly interests them. It shows you know your
business. It also demonstrates you will do more than just
try to sell them something.

Publishing articles literally lets you fly under their
advertising "radar defenses."

So remember these points when deciding whether or not to use
articles to promote your business:

1. Few things create as much trust and confidence in the
minds of potential customers as reading an article you wrote
on a subject which specifically and intensely interests

2. Articles establish credibility quickly because, right or
wrong, we've all been trained to trust the "news."

3. An article, or series of articles, will differentiate you
from the competition, who bombard people with nothing but
sales messages.

4. Providing content-rich, non-sales-oriented articles will
also help build and solidify your relationship with existing
customers so they give you repeat business.


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15 Reasons to Become an Affiliate Marketer

- by Rosalind Gardner

© 2004 Rosalind Gardner - All Rights reserved

There are HUGE benefits to promoting affiliate programs
with your own home-based Internet business, and I've come
up with a list of 15 great reasons to become an affiliate

Let's look at each reason separately:

1. No Production Costs - The cost to develop and produce a
new product is prohibitive for almost anyone who wants to
start a home-based business. With affiliate programs,
production costs aren't an issue. The product has been
developed and proven - all on the merchant's nickel.

2. Low Cost Set-up - Compared with building a brick and
mortar store, starting a home-based Internet business is
relatively cheap. You probably already have a desk,
Internet-connected computer and word-processing software,
which is all the equipment you may need.

3. No Fees for Joining or Licenses to Buy - I often
compare doing business as an affiliate, with distributing a
line of products in the real world. The biggest difference
is that the distributor must often pay for a license to
distribute products within a limited geographic region.
Affiliate programs, on the other hand, are usually free to
join, and geographic market reach is limited only by the
affiliate's ability to promote his web site.

4. Choose From Thousands of Products and Services - What
isn't sold online? That list must be shorter than the one
describing all that IS sold online. There are thousands and
thousands of affiliate programs selling every product under
the sun. That makes it easy to find products related to
your current or planned web site.

5. No Sales Experience Needed - When I started my affiliate
business, I had absolutely no sales experience. That wasn't
a problem, however. The companies I affiliated with
provided excellent marketing material. Using their sales
copy, I was able to get my first affiliate site up in less
than a day.

6. No Employees - The largest expense of most businesses is
employee salaries. Although there might be times when you
need or want someone to work for you as an affiliate, it's
doubtful you'll ever have to worry about hiring full or
part-time employees. When you have a project you want to
hire out, it is easy to find specialists in every computer-
related field who can work for you from the comfort of
THEIR own homes. You pay only for the project, and never
have to worry about ongoing employee-related benefits and

7. No Expensive Merchant Accounts Needed - Setting up a
merchant account for any business is a time-consuming and
costly business. It's even more tedious for Internet
businesses. However, merchant accounts aren't a concern
when you're an affiliate. The merchant bears that cost and
handles all processing of payments. You never have to lose
sleep over potential chargebacks, fraud or losing your
merchant account when you're an affiliate.

8. No Inventory to Carry - Even if you live in a small one-
bedroom apartment, as an affiliate you can sell large items
without storage concerns.

9. No Order-Processing - Forget the problems associated
with collecting and storing names, addresses, credit card
numbers, etc. The merchant does all that!

10. No Product Shipping - The cost and hassle to prepare
and ship products to customers worldwide could be
staggering. Affiliates never have to worry about packaging
supplies or postal rates.

11. No Customer Service Concerns - Do you hate the prospect
of dealing with nasty people or customer complaints? Don't
worry about it! The merchant handles the snivelers.

12. Make Money While You Sleep - What other business allows
you as a sole proprietor to keep your doors open and keep
making money even when you take breaks or after you go home
for the night?

13. The World at Your Doorstep - The Internet is the
world's largest marketplace. You can drive more visitors to
your online store in a day, than many small-town merchants
sees in his or her brick and mortar business in a year.

14. Minimal Risk - The product you chose isn't making
money? Dump it. Take down your links and promote another!
It's that easy. There are no long-term contracts binding
you to products that don't sell.

15. High Income Potential - If you have a job, your salary
or hourly wage is probably pre-determined. Maybe there's
not much, other than working overtime, that you can do to
increase your income. With your own affiliate business on
the Internet your income potential is limited only by your
desire, effort and imagination.

There you have them - all the good reasons to start your
own online affiliate marketing business. Start today and
benefit from this incredibly simple, cost-effective
business opportunity known as affiliate marketing. The time
is right, and the time is now.

Article excerpted from Rosalind Gardner's "Super Affiliate
Handbook: How I Made $436,797 Last Year Selling Other
People's Products Online". Rosalind is the 'Net's most
recognized expert on successful online selling as an
affiliate marketer.

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