Tuesday, October 04, 2005

How to make money without your own products, service or web site.

As promised in the previous post. I will reveal a marketing strategy that many people just like yourself are using to generate a great monthly income. As far as I know, this may be the first time this money marketing secret has been given away free.
I paid for the resale rights to this information.
Although I am not allowed to give you the web site package, I can give you the information you need to do this yourself.
Why am I doing this?
I want you to bookmark this blog and come back for new secrets and offers.
In an effort to gain loyal readers, I will step on some toes and write controversial articles.
You will receive free condensed versions of ebooks and articles I paid for, along with the best information I have collected.

Today's Secret Post:
How to sell other peoples' products without a web site. Setting up your own free auto-sales generator.

Step 1. Use this link to sign up for your free Click Bank sellers ID.

Click Here
(Opens in a new window)
Step 2. Click the Click Bank's home page Link
Step 3. Click the link on that page that says Earn Commissions.
Step 4. Choose a category of products that you would like to sell and click that link.
Step 5. Each product has a earn % link. Choose a product you think people will buy with a high earn %.
Step 6. Click on that product's earn % link., a new window will open. Type in your Click Bank ID in the space provided.
and you will see your resell link.
Tip: Now is a good time to open notepad or your favorite text editor, save your resell link and Click Bank info to
your desktop.
Step 7. Click on the product's description link. You will be directed to that product's sales page. On the sales page
you should see an affiliate link. On the affiliate page, you will find some pre made ads you can use with your
Click Bank ID.
Tip: A few good products won't come with pre made ads. You can make your own ad by listing some of the
benefits on that products sales page. Save your ads with your Click Bank Id as mentioned in the previous tip.
Step 8. Promoting your affiliate product free and/or paid.
Free - Go to Google.com or your favorite search engine. Look up free advertising.
Copy and paste your affiliate sales ad and link on every site that allows free ads.
Place your ad and link in your emails.
Join forums and include your link after you make a useful post. Be sure to read the forum rules before posting.
Find Blogs with similar topics relating to the product you are promoting. Leave a nice comment and your link.
Paid - Many opt in email lists and ezines will include your ad for a price. You can make a lot of money with the right ad
and a small investment.
Tip: Do a search for opt in lists and ezines with a large number of subscribers and a low ad placement price. If your ad is
successful, reinvest.
Start with one product. When you learn how to sell, try more. Drop the products that won't sell for you.
As time allows I will list free and paid promotion links on this blog's parent site
Advanced Business Marketing
resource pages.

Using this system anyone can sell without a web site or product, and it didn't cost you anything to find out how you
can do it.