Thursday, October 06, 2005

How you can really make lots of money Blogging.

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Niche marketing Blogs are where the money is at.
You need to create Blogs that attract high pay per click Adsense ads.
Then insert your Google Adsense ads and matching back end affiliate products.
You can find back end products free to sell at companies like,, and

Use a free blogging service like
or host software like Movable Type on your own domain.
The advantage of is it is free and easy.
Follow the step by step instructions at Blogger and have a working Blog in minutes.

Would you like to see an example of a profitable niche Blog?
A very successful marketer
Willie Crawford.
Posted one of his money making niche Blogs Nail Fungus as an example. This Blog ranks number 6 on Google and makes about $2400.00 a month.
Look how the ads are placed and the general design. Do not copy, use as an example.

There are many high paying niche markets to create money making Blogs about.
Auto insurance, pets, health problem solutions, and vacation information are just a few.

Use the free keyword research tools at
Advanced Business Marketings web site
to research popular niche topics and learn more about creating Blogs.

Write, find or pay to collect content for your Blogs.
A Google search will locate articles with free reprint rights for you to use, (always include the authors resource information) with the article.
Original articles are best, you can write your own or try Elance
At elance writers will bid on writing articles for your blog.

Each time you post a new article you should ping your blog to promote it.
Here are some sites to ping your Blog at.

Do a little research and you can own a money making Blog.