Tuesday, September 27, 2005

About this Blog and the issue I have with Pingoat

My name is Steve Black and this is my first Blog.
I kept the template simple to load fast.
There are no pictures of me trying to sell myself or fancy graphics to slow down the page.

At least five days a week
(My wife and I like to camp or do other activities on weekends. ), I look through resources, some private or paid for.

I hand select and post articles that would be of interest to people looking for marketing information.
Some of these articles have my affiliate link attached.
I don't hide these links you could even insert your own affiliate id.

This Blog has links to my other part time project.
Advanced Business Marketing
A hand built web site using notepad. An encyclopedia of marketing terms.
A work in progress. Some letters of the alphabet are hard to find articles to list under.
Use the contact page if you would like to submit your article for approval.

The issue I have with Pingoat.

Pingoat is a free service that works well for what it is intended.
I used it a few times after updating my blog to notify various blog listing sites.
The last time I tried to submit my blog a notice appeared stating that my blog had been black listed.

I thought this has to be some kind of mistake. After looking through the FAQ and other links, I found you have to join the community forum to ask why this has happened.

After filling the form to join, then posting a question of why.
Someone representing Pingoat posted a reply in the forum stating,
( "your blog is 100% fed from other web sites and is very conveniently fed via some sort of automatic program, for this your blog will remain blacklisted").
No truth to that statement. I have never used any software to collect or post articles. I could not find anywhere on the Pingoat site stating that all content must be original.

At first if felt insulted, then a little angry. Without any proof, based on an employees oppinion, I have been accused of the Blogging equivalent of spamming. On a forum anyone could read.
I have asked and I am waiting for a retraction to this false accusation.
Please feel free to add a comment to this post pro or con.
You can read the forum at Pingoat.com without joining and follow along.