Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Forums- Free Information, Search Engine Ranking And Advertising

How you can make forums work for you.

Companies, individuals and groups often have their own forums. You will find forums are a good source of new marketing information. Some are closed for private use, others are open to anyone. Forums are usually sorted by category or topics. When posting to forums, you can ask or answer a question.

Before you post to a forum, it's important that you read the Rules and Regulations of the forum to determine what is allowed. It is probably not a bad idea to monitor the forum for a few days before posting. What's in it for you? Most forums allow posters to include a signature on any posts. This is your opportunity to mention your products or services. Use this as a way to tell other forum visitors what you want them to know. Be sure to provide the url to your web site, as the link will help you advertise for free, and it will also help with your search engine ranking.

Forum List:
Here is a listing of popular marketing forums you can join.

Warrior Forum
The Warrior Forum is the home of the Internet Warriors, the #1 Marketing group on the Net for over 6 years. Their forum features a Discussion Forum where marketers from beginners to Gurus share what works and what doesn’t. Members number in the thousands.

Great Internet Marketing

This forum is a great place to discuss marketing techniques,Internet marketing techniques, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engines, Referral Systems, Internet Ad Banners, Telemarketing andmore. Registration is free.

AKA Marketing Webmaster forums

Search engine, Internet marketing and website authoring related webmaster discussion forums for Web professionals. Registration is free.

IM4Newbies Internet Marketing Forums

Discussions about all types of Internet marketing; niche sites, site design, search engine optimization, joint ventures and much more. Registration is free.

Business Talk UK

Forums for businesses to discuss various aspects of the Internet, marketing and general business. Registration is free.


Join in discussions on Internet Marketing & Affiliate
Management, Articles Database Forum.

Join discussions on Affiliate Marketing, Branding & Creativity, Content Management, E-mail Marketing, Interactive Advertising, Interactive TV, Mobile Marketing, Online Payments, PR, Surveys & Research, Project Management, Search Engine Marketing, Usability & Accessibility, Web Measurement & Analytics. Registration is free.

hits talk
Join discussions about website hits. Post about fre search engines, FFAs, PPCs and emai marketing. There are Registration is free.

Willie Crawford Forum
Willie Crawford is a top “Guru” marketer who hosts his own free forum. Marketers of all levels are free to post; ask questions, share ideas, help others.
Free Registration.

Anthony Blake Online
Open to anyone with questions, comments and advice about
running and succeeding in your own business. Free forum.
Registration is free.

Forums are another tool you should be using.